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Workforce connectivity doesn't need to be intrusive

Everyteam is the non-intrusive solution to a strong company culture.


It works for everyone.

 Everyteam is the solution for hybrid work

Use Everyteam in your Right to Disconnect policy

Ontario requires “disconnecting from work” to employers with 25+ employees


The problem in a nutshell

In an office, you can just look around and see who’s busy, who’s not and who’s away.

When working from multiple locations and times,
you need Everyteam to connect your workforce.

      • Multiple offices

      • Remote work

      • Hybrid work

      • Freelancers

      • Outsourcing and overseas

Good for the company and its employees

Relay your current status and have complete control over it. Everyteam automatically displays your appropriate contact information.​

Contact your co-workers the ways that work for them—email, phone or text message—all through Everyteam.

Search for your co-workers by name, position, phone number or department, and shortlist those you work closest with. It’s never been easier for new employees to learn who’s who!

Securely share and read firm-wide announcements and files.

 Everyteam is the solution for hybrid work

Super secure and seriously simple

We consider your information confidential.

There's no spying, intrusive AI, tracking or secret ways for selling your data.

Don't worry, we don't integrate with any third-parties.


Pay only for what you use

$1.99 per user/month after a free month trial

Everyteam is available on iOS, Android and desktop

Start your free trial today.

Download Everyteam for iPhone
Download Everyteam for Android

Have any questions?

 Everyteam is the solution for hybrid work

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All rights reserved.


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